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Course: World Literature

Curriculum/ApproachA Beka Homeschool Publishing—Scope and Sequence.
157805Themes in Literature
157813Themes in Literature Quiz and Test Book
66958World Literature
76287World Literature Test and Quiz Book
DescriptionThis course introduces students to the beauty of literature through short stories, poems, and excerpts of classical prose works of writers from the United States and throughout the world.
Length/CreditsTwo semesters for 1.0 credit
Major TopicsLiterature appreciation, character development, plot, theme, setting, and imagery.
Assignments/ProjectsComplete reading assignments, answer textbook discussion questions, complete review tests, write theme papers.
The textbooks and direction provided in these course outlines are provided only as an example. Some textbooks originally used by the authors when they homeschooled their children are no longer available. Equivalent replacements have been selected. Neither the authors nor the publisher specifically endorse these materials as the most suitable solution for your child or family.